We service Comdial DX 80 & 120 Systems
  • Comdial Digitech, DSU/DSU II, DX-80, DXP    comdial.pdf

    Comdial System Time and Date Programming

    • Comdial Digitech - Changing time and date from attendant station
    • Comdial DSU/DSU II
    • Comdial DX-80
    • Comdial DXP
    • Adjusting the Comdial Digitech & Impact For Daylight Savings Time Changing date & time on the Comdial Digitech & Impact


  • Inter-Tel Axxent, Axxess, GLX-Plus, IMX 1224/2460    intertel.pdf

    Inter-Tel System Time and Date Programming

    • Inter-Tel Axxent - From the attendant telephone
    • Inter-Tel Axxess - Networked Systems Only - From the attendant telephone
    • Inter-Tel Axxess - Non-Networked Systems - From the attendant telephone
    • Inter-Tel GLX-PLUS
    • Inter-Tel IMX 1224/2460



  • Nortel Norstar, BCM, Meridian CICS    nortel.pdf

    Nortel System Time and Date Programming

    • Nortel Norstar
    • Nortel BCM Systems Time Change
    • Norstar Meridian CICS


  • Panasonic KX, Digital, and DBS    panasonic.pdf

    Panasonic System Time, Date, Voice Mail, Night Mode/Day Mode, most often changed sytems programs programming

    • Panasonic KX-TA624 / 824 Telephone System
    • Panasonic KX-TVS Voice Mail System
    • Panasonic Time Set KXT-61610 KSU
    • Panasonic Digital Telephone System
    • Panasonic DBS System
    • Panasonic Digital Telephone System
    • How to set the time on your Panasonic Voice Mail
    • 624 Most Often Changed System Programs
    • Night Mode/Day Mode - How do I change ringing mode?

San Diego Business Telephone Services

  • Ready to upgrade that old phone system? Ready to upgrade that old phone system?

    Tired of that old phone system? Let us help get you in to the 21st Century with something a little more modern. Systems today are able to utilize a variety of dial tone types and services. This lets us help you maximize your value to cost on your monthly phone bills. While opening up new features and services that can streamline your communication needs.

  • New Telephone System Sales New Telephone System Sales

    If your in the market for a new system, but like most people don't know which system is right for your needs. We can help you decipher the complicated terms and lingo of today's telephony world. Often times there are multiple systems with the features and options to meet your needs. But choosing the right one for your business or budget is tricky and sometimes fatal. Let us help you with our over 20 years of experience in doing just that. We can give you the pros and cons of each system. Making the decision process much easier.

  • Computer Networking Computer Networking

    Installation of cabling to network your business or home computers.

  • Paging System Installation Paging System Installation

    Installation and or repair of overhead paging systems and back ground music.

  • Project Consulting Project Consulting

    A consultation to discuss the customer’s options and variations involved to meet their needs. CLICK HERE

  • Telephone Installation

    Installation set up, programming and if needed cabling to add or move the customers telephone system.

  • Cable Termination

    Installing and or connecting voice, data, CCTV, Coax, CATV, and back board termination for voice and data cabling.

  • Refurbished or Reconditioned Equipment Refurbished or Reconditioned Equipment

    From time to time we remove systems, buy them from customers who are upgrading or just plain out grew there current system. We then hand pick the cream of crop for resell. We then test and recondition all phones and system components to as close to new as possible. This lets us offer the systems to you at a substantial discount to new system prices. We know that starting a new business is expensive and we are here to help you save money without compromising on quality.

  • Equipment Repair

    Have a broken phone and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a new one? Maybe you have a phone with a lot of static or cuts in and out. We can help diagnose the issue with you over the phone. We can repair & refurbish most equipment using our in house technicians. We can also send it out to one of our many factory authorized repair facilities. Most of which come with a one year warranty on repairs.

  • Free Estimates Free Estimates

    Getting ready to start a new project? We will meet with you upon request and provide a free estimate. CLICK HERE

  • Service Area San Diego County Business Telephone Services
    Carlsbad Business Telephone Services - Chula Vista Business Telephone Services - Clairemont Mesa Business Telephone Services - Coronado Business Telephone Services - Del Mar Business Telephone Services - El Cajon Business Telephone Services - Escondido Business Telephone Services - Encinitas Business Telephone Services - Imperial Beach Business Telephone Services - Kearny Mesa Business Telephone Services - La Jolla Business Telephone Services - La Mesa Business Telephone Services - Lemon Grove Business Telephone Services - Mira Mesa Business Telephone Services - Mission Valley Business Telephone Services - National City Business Telephone Services - Oceanside Business Telephone Services - Otay Mesa Business Telephone Services - Poway Business Telephone Services - San Diego Business Telephone Services - San Marcos Business Telephone Services - Sorrento Valley Business Telephone Services - Vista Business Telephone Services

San Diego Business Wiring & Cabling Services

As you can see we offer a wide variety of cabling solutions.
  • CCTV or Surveillance

    Cabling for Closed Circuit Television systems, and video surveillance type cameras. Depending on your needs we can either use RG59 coaxial type cable or the newer CAT5e cable with adapters for today's high tech cameras.

  • Data Network Cabling

    We offer both CAT5e and CAT6 high speed computer cable. For new construction or additions to your existing structure. We can help explain the difference between the cables and when you need them or don't need them.

  • Residential Cabling

    We can install your voice, data, video, camera and sound cable for new custom homes. We also offer help in adding to your existing home that extra phone or data jack you want in the spare bedroom or the new home office.

  • Phone System Cabling

    Thinking of getting a new pone system? Do you have the right cabling in your office for it? We can help determine what you have and what you need for your current and future needs in the telephony world. We install any and all needed cable for telephone systems. This includes infrastructure cabling for the building and suite or building feeds and risers between floors if you have more then one.

  • Cable Termination and Organization

    Professional installation of Voice and Data jacks at the desired location, labeling of all jacks, making all connections and termination in the Telephone/Data Room or IDF. To include CAT 3, CAT 5, CAT6, RG6, RG59, AMP, 66 Block, 110 Block, MPOE, Fiber and Multiple cable pair feeds. We offer both indoor and outdoor cable. If the need arises we can handling splicing broken or damaged cables also.

  • New Cable Installation

    Building a new building or doing some TI's? We help you design and layout your new or remodeled location to meet the current and future needs of your company.

  • Existing Cabling Upgrade

    This is an analysis of your locations current cabling and infrastructure to see what needs to be upgraded. We help you decide what is needed to meet your current and future needs.


Below are PDF files we have made available for you to download. To download, right click and "Save as.."

Support & Tech Resources

If you have a basic support question that you would like to submit, please fill out our Support Form.


  • Toshiba Strata    toshiba.pdf

    Toshiba System Time and Date Programming

    • TOSHIBA 16
    • TOSHIBA 16E / 40
    • TOSHIBA 280 / 424
    • TOSHIBA 280 / 424
    • TOSHIBA CTX 100
    • TOSHIBA DK280


  • Vodavi Starplus and Infinity    vodavi.pdf

    Vodavi System Time and Date Programming

    • Vodavi Starplus STS System
    • Vodavi Starplus 616, 1224, 2448, and 96EX
    • Vodavi Starplus-Tria, Digital, Mach I, Infinity, DVX and XTS
    • Vodavi Infinity

VOIP Telephone Systems

Voice Over Internet Protocol, (VOIP) is the latest in telephony technology. It combines the best of both worlds, the solid platform of a digital telephone system with the added control or computer related telephone control. Along with features that only this combination of technology can achieve.

  • IPitomy IPitomy
    • IP1100
    • IP1200
    • IP2000
  • NEC NEC SL1100
  • Mitel / Inter-Tel 5000 Mitel / Inter-Tel 5000

Digital Telephone System

For years telephone systems have been in analog, but in the digital age all that has changed. A digital telephone system assures you a more solid reliable platform that is feature rich. With more options available, it makes your business sound more professional and with superior voice quality.

  • X Blue X-16, 45P
  • Vodavi DHS , Starplus, STS,STSe
  • Vertical SBXIP 320, DX 80, DX120
  • Toshiba DX Series
  • Tadiran Emerald Ice Tadiran Emerald Ice
  • Partner Avaya, Lucent, AT&T
  • Panasonic KXTD 816 / 1232
  • Inter-Tel Inter-Tel GLX, IMX, ACCESS, AXXENT, CX, 3000, 5000
  • Comdial / Vertical Comdial / Vertical
    • DX80
    • DX120

Hybrid Telephone System

With the current technology’s of today. We are now able to offer systems that have both the solid platform of a digital telephone system and the flexibility & features of a VOIP system. Say you have an office in town but you would also like to work from home or anywhere in the world. As long as there's a high speed internet connection, we can help you. We can setup a phone that will make it just like your in your office siting at your desk. The calls will come from your local lines and your staff can even intercom you just like your at your desk.

  • Vertical SBXIP320
  • NEC (DSX) 40, 80, 160, NEC SL1100
    • 3000
    • 5000
    • 5000
    • CX


In today’s busy business world you do not want to miss any calls. With a Voice Mail installed in your system you will be able to not miss an important message. With the added advantage of answering your phones when you want or after hours.

Unified Messaging

Voice mail has gone one step farther. You now can leave a voice mail message on someone’s voice mail box and it will go to their email address as a wave file. So they will receive you’re message immediately on their computer or smartphone.

Video Surveillance Systems

Brands We Currently Offer:

Digital Watchdog, Q-See, InFocus, Swann

Need to see what is going on in and around your business or home ?? Miller Telcom’s Video Surveillance Systems can help you keep a secure watch on your property.

Paging Systems & Equipment

Need to call an employee somewhere in your warehouse or yard ?? We can attach a Paging System to your telephone system that you can pick up from any phone in your system and make that page. It can also be used for background music.

  • Speakers Speakers
  • Power Supplies
  • Paging Horns
  • Door Box
  • Background Music (BGM)
  • Amplifiers Amplifiers
  • Adapters Adapters

Conference Room Phones

With a Conference Speaker Phone, you can have a quality and clear conference with several people in the same room. Why sound like you are in a barrel or an echo chamber when you are on an important business conference call ?? We have high quality Conference Speaker phones that make your important call sound clear & great.

  • Polycom
  • Bogen


We carry a full line of headsets, from attach to your ear to wireless headsets. Headsets help to aid your staff in keeping neck injuries to a minimum for you telephone answering staff.

  • Plantronics
  • Panasonic
  • Jensen

Music on Hold/Advertising

We can aid you in getting a custom Advertising On Hold program suited just for your business. It can put your specials, hours or any other information that you have while your customer is on hold. Or we can just add music to your hold to give your customers a pleasant sound rather than just silence.